The outcome of utmost importance from the cooperation of the Deputy Ministry of Tourism and the private sector for the development and the promotion of the Cypriot Cuisine is the award of the Quality Label “Taste Cyprus / Delightful Journeys’’ which confirms and rewards the compliance of enterprises with specific and commonly accepted criteria.

Who could be certified with the Quality Label

The following categories of companies, operating within the geographical boundaries of the Republic of Cyprus and wish to become ambassadors of Cypriot gastronomic identity, can be certified:

1) Restaurants, taverns (in hotels and agrotourism accommodation)
2) Small industries producing local products such as: cheese and dairy products, cold cuts, beverages and extracts, olive oil products, bakery products,
3) Retailers selling local products

Why to be certified?

At a relatively low cost and without extra costs and investments, businesses can be awarded the Quality Label “Taste Cyprus/ Delightful Journeys” and become more recognizable and competitive.

The certified businesses will be benefited because:

  • They differentiate their product and their services in the market and acquire high status, due to the fact that the quality of their products and their services are not random, but a result of systematic and documented procedures and controls.
  • They will be promoted at a national and international level through actions and advertising materials.
  • They will be promoted in the website of the initiative; www.delightfulcyprus.com through the social media and through the promotional actions scheduled for this purpose.
  • They will be provided with consulting services from the Managing Authority in order to improve the quality of their products and services.
  • They will be well informed for financial programs and opportunities.